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We received such positive feedback of our 2020 No Fault Reform workshops that we’ve decided to host virtual workshops on a monthly basis in 2021! Each workshop will cover two different topics related to your insurance plan in a friendly and conversational manner. Please join us for any and all workshops that you feel are relevant to you. All are welcome, so please feel free to invite your friends, family, and colleagues to join!

JANUARY 29TH AT NOON (25 Minutes)
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Is my jewelry covered by my home insurance policy?

  • What types of claims are covered?
  • What if I lose a piece of jewelry?
  • How is my jewelry valued?

How do I manage cost vs. coverage on my insurance plan?

  • What factors influence the cost of my insurance plan?
  • Are there any coverages I can go without?
  • Should I choose higher deductibles or lower deductibles?

FEBRUARY 25TH AT NOON (25 Minutes)
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I wasn’t at-fault in an accident. When can I make a claim against the other driver?

  • What information do I need to obtain at the scene of the accident?
  • How much can I claim against the other driver?
  • Do my own coverages matter?

Who needs an umbrella policy and what coverage amount is adequate?

  • Can I be sued even if I didn’t do anything wrong?
  • If I have minimal assets, do I still need to worry about lawsuits?
  • Does an umbrella policy put a target on my back?

MARCH 16TH AT NOON (25 Minutes)
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Can I waive the coverage offered by a rental car company?

  • Does my auto insurance apply to a rental car?
  • Does it matter if I travel outside the US?
  • Who can drive my rental car?

How does replacement cost differ from market value for my home?

  • Why does the coverage on my home not equal the market value?
  • Why is replacement cost coverage important?
  • Does the assessed value of my home have any impact?

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