Report a Claim

Life happens.  If you need to report a claim, please call us at 616-363-7766 or provide details below.  We will be in touch as quickly as possible to discuss coverage, any deductible that may apply, and what to expect during the claim process.

Most claims are best reported directly to our office so that we can advise you before and during the process, but if an emergency claim occurs overnight or on a weekend please don’t hesitate to call the emergency claim service team noted below.  We will be notified by the insurance company and will step in to help with anything you need along the way.

Auto-Owners Insurance     888-252-4626                  Online

Citizens Insurance              800-628-0250                  Online

Michigan Insurance            800-255-7131                  Online

Progressive Insurance         800-274-4499                   Online

We know a claim can be disruptive and we are here to make sure it goes well.