Grand Rapids Home Insurance

Grand Rapids Home Insurance

Home ownership can be a tremendous blessing for your family. However, it can also bring unexpected burdens, like finding an inch of water in your basement or having shingles ripped off in a wind storm. That’s why it is important to have a solid homeowners policy to soften the blow when misfortune strikes.
Coverage A pays to rebuild your home and permanently attached structures in the event of a fire, tornado, and many other potential disasters. The coverage amount is estimated using current building costs (rather than market value) and is based on features of the home such as square footage, number of stories, number of bathrooms, quality of materials, etc.
Coverage B pays to rebuild structures not permanently attached to your home (detached garage, shed, etc.).
Coverage C pays to replace your personal property (clothes, furniture, electronics, etc.) in the event of theft, fire, smoke, and a number of other mishaps.
Coverage D pays for increased living expenses (staying in a hotel, eating out, etc.) resulting from a claim that renders your home uninhabitable.
Coverage E pays for the costs to defend you in a lawsuit and for the resulting judgment against you. It applies to incidents that occur on your property (someone falling off the deck) as well as away from your property (a golf course accident), unless the nature of a lawsuit is specifically excluded in the policy.
Coverage F pays the medical expenses of someone (other than a family member) who is injured on your property or by your actions away from your property. It is designed to deter lawsuits and does not require you to be legally liable for the injury.
The deductible on your homeowners policy is used to help keep your premium affordable by requiring you to cover the first portion of a claim. It only applies once per claim (not per coverage).
Is Boer Insurance Group a good fit as your Grand Rapids home insurance agency? Our clients are:
  • People who want a dedicated agent.
  • People who want their calls answered by a live person, 100% of the time.
  • People who want their emails responded to the same day.
  • People who want help determining whether or not to file a claim.
  • People who want a physical office in a convenient location.
  • People who want an agent that helps real estate transactions (purchases, refinancings, etc.) go as smoothly as possible by working closely with realtors, lenders, and title companies.
  • People who want an agent that gives his or her best effort every day.
  • People who want coverage recommendations specific to their situation.
  • People who want advice based on their best interests rather than the insurance company’s.
  • People who want to work with a family business that has over 100 years of experience.
As an independent, local Grand Rapids area insurance agency, we understand that insurance is just one piece of the puzzle and we ardently use our 100+ years of experience to ensure the personalized insurance plan we develop for each client fits succinctly into their larger financial plan.

While we are able to provide homeowners insurance policies for the entire state of Michigan, a majority of our clients reside in Grand Rapids, Rockford, Belmont, Ada, Cascade, and Kentwood.

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