Grand Rapids Auto Insurance

Grand Rapids Auto Insurance

When deciding on auto insurance in Michigan, drivers often focus on coverage for damage to their vehicle as a result of an accident or hitting a deer. However, there are many other coverages provided by an auto insurance policy that are arguably more important in protecting your family’s financial future, such as:
If you’re involved in an auto accident that results in injury or death to another person, bodily injury liability coverage pays for the costs to defend you in a lawsuit and for the judgment against you.
PPI pays for damage you do to other people’s property with your vehicle (ex. fences, houses, and parked vehicles) within the State of Michigan.

This coverage is similar to PPI but applies only to accidents that occur outside the State of Michigan.

PIP pays for medical, rehabilitation, and long-term care expenses if you’re hurt in an auto accident. PIP is either on a primary or excess/coordinated basis with your health insurance. It also pays for lost wages if you can’t work and replacement services if you need help with typical household chores, such as shoveling snow or mowing your lawn.
These coverages guarantee your ability to collect a specified amount of a judgment against another driver that injured or killed you or a family member in an auto accident. If that other driver lacks enough insurance to pay the lawsuit you win against them, or is uninsured altogether, uninsured and underinsured motorist coverages ensure you are able to collect at least a certain amount of the judgment.
Since Michigan’s No-Fault insurance law prohibits drivers from suing each other for vehicular damage resulting from an accident, drivers must purchase comprehensive and collision coverages, often referred to as “full coverage,” if they wish to have their vehicle repaired or replaced after an accident.
Comprehensive coverage pays for damage to your vehicle resulting from things like fire, hail, water, theft, vandalism, glass breakage, and impact with a falling object, bird, or animal.
Collision coverage pays for damage to your vehicle resulting from impact with another vehicle or object (other than a falling object, bird, or animal). There are multiple collision options offered on an auto insurance policy in Michigan, and each dictates when your deductible applies. The two most common forms of collision coverage are broad and standard (also referred to as regular or basic). Broad collision means your deductible only applies if you are more than 50% at-fault in the accident, whereas standard collision means your deductible always applies, regardless of who is at-fault.
Comprehensive and collision coverages usually have a deductible, which helps keep your premium affordable by requiring you to cover the first portion of a claim. There are many deductible options offered on Michigan auto insurance policies, giving each driver the ability to choose the one that meets their risk tolerance and budget.

Some of the coverages noted above changed in July 2020 due to the No Fault Reform bill that was passed. For more information on those changes, please click here.

To many people, all insurance providers look alike. As an independent insurance agency, we represent multiple insurance companies – not just one. We call this “the power of choice,” which enables us to analyze, build, and customize an insurance program that best suits you and your family’s needs. Every insurance company has the freedom to use whatever technical language they prefer when constructing their insurance policy, which is nothing more than a legal contract offered to their client. Here are common questions in which the answer depends on each insurance company’s underlying auto policy:

We understand that insurance is just one piece of the puzzle and we ardently use our 100+ years of experience to ensure the personalized insurance plan we develop for each client fits into their larger financial plan. While we service the entire state of Michigan, a majority of our clients reside in Grand Rapids, Rockford, Belmont, Ada, Cascade, and Kentwood.

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