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Does my auto insurance cover Uber?

If you drive for a ridesharing company like Uber, you were asked to provide proof of insurance when signing up. Since auto insurance is legally required for all vehicle owners in Michigan, everyone should technically qualify to drive for a ridesharing company. However, the question is: do you have the

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Does my auto insurance cover hail damage?

We made it past last month’s holiday season without the hassle of a typical Michigan winter, but with the snow and ice storms predicted to continue, we know that the dreaded winter season is finally upon us. Therefore, it is time to ensure that you have the proper winter (and

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Escaping the Cold This Winter?

Based on how fall played out this year, it looks as if we could be in for a long winter! If you’re planning to take a break to someplace warm and sunny, you’ll need to know if, and how, your insurance travels with you. Renting a car? If your personal

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A White, Waymo-Brand Autonomous Car

Autonomous Vehicles: Believe the Hype?

Does today’s hype around autonomous vehicles remind you of the flying car predictions we heard back in the ‘90s? There is much debate about the timeframe for widespread adoption of autonomous vehicles, from Silicon Valley promising five years to Detroit predicting five decades. However, something of little debate is the

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