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Pay Up To Pay… Less?

The vast majority of people pay their bills, especially for insurance, on time, which is great because it’s becoming more important than ever to do so. On top of avoiding late fees, cancellation notices, and the risk of a lapse in coverage, rumor in the industry is that insurance companies

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Tips for Managing Auto Insurance Cost

Most of us are restrained by a budget, which may make selecting the “cheapest” auto insurance policy attractive at times.  However, this is not an advisable insurance strategy for a number of reasons.  Instead, consider the following ways to manage the cost of quality auto insurance without taking unnecessary risks or putting

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When Is Cheap Insurance Like a Hole in One?

On a September evening in 2015, my wife and I played the back nine at Thousand Oaks Golf Course.  I was having a good round – one stroke over par going into the 15th hole, a 150 yard par three.  I hit a 7 iron off the tee and said to my

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